Coffee Butter Is A Thing For People Who Want Coffee On Their Toast Too

It’s the fastest way to eat breakfast

Sometimes waking up and getting out of bed and making a cup of coffee AND some toast with butter is just too much. Especially if you aren’t a morning person. 

Luckily, coffee butter is now a thing to make breakfast so much easier, and so much more compact. 

Cr: SnowBrandCoffeeSoft

According to RocketNews24, Japan’s ‘Megmilk Snow Brand Company’ sells the miraculous morning wonder that combines coffee and butter in one scrumptious caffeine-filled cube. 

Perfect for all those days when you scoff down a mug of coffee but completely forget to eat, this creamy spread is begging to be eaten, whilst still providing you with that energy kick of a good cuppa Joe. 

Cr: SnowBrandCoffeeSoft

Coffee and Butter may seem like unlikely lovers, but it turns out they produce a beautiful baby. Perfect for just about any carb, have we just found our Nutella sub for work days?

Consider this your excuse to sleep in some more in the mornings. Breakfast is sorted. 

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Who’s hungry?

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h/t: Mashable