Coffee Caviar Is The Latest Trend About To Hit Brunches Everywhere

Looks… Yum?

Hipsters, coffee lovers, and brunch babes listen up: there’s a new foodie trend in the making. And it involves coffee. And balls.

More specifically, coffee caviar.

You heard/read/gasped right – caviar made from coffee (physically quite impossible?!) is quickly becoming a trend, and popping up on drinks and desserts everywhere.

Looks exquisite

Shaped like tadpoles, reminiscent of boba, and exclusively dubbed ‘coffee caviar,’ the trendy food essentially looks like jelly blobs of coffee. Except… maybe a little more appetizing.

Ok, drooling a lil

Surely it isn’t made from the eggs of a fish like ‘traditional’ caviar, and doesn’t come with it’s sky high price tag either. However, it’ll provide just as many likes on social media, and won’t require a owning a yacht in Monaco to enjoy.

Very swanky

Coffee giant Lavazza explains. “Using a syringe, small drops of the coffee and alginate mixture is added to the diluted calcium chloride. The result is lots of little balls which create a myriad of tiny explosions on the palate.”

“Is there anything better than a brunch dessert?”

Mind you – the explosion took over Instagram too. Foodies have been quick to sip, slurp and snap the little squidgy brown balls and post them all over social media. Added to both sweet and savoury dishes, coffee caviar quickly becoming the next big thing at brunch. Scoot over avocado skin cups, charcoal lattes, and cloud eggs.


Perhaps it’s a gooey little alternative to dusting desserts with espresso powder. Perhaps it’s an excuse for caffeine addicts to chew a cappuccino too. Or perhaps, it’s about time bubble tea bubbles finally met its coffee match.

What do you think?