All The Right Koalafications: A Countdown of The World’s Best Zoos

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Fancy a trip to the zoo?

1. San Diego Zoo

Cr: San Diego Zoo Global via TravelChannel

Home to over 3700 animals and over 650 species and subspecies, the famous San Diego Zoo spans over a very large area in Balboa Park, leaving plenty of room for its inhabitants to wander around, or make a splash.

2. London Zoo

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Famously known as the world’s oldest scientific zoo, since 2011 ZSL London Zoo is also known as the home of the largest penguin pool in England. Peep through the oval glass windows at the cute wobblers and swimmers, or head over to the exotic Indian lion zone for a little adventure.

3. Central Park Zoo

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Small but quaint and perfectly positioned within the heart of New York City, do not be taken aback by the small size of this zoo. Home to over 150 species, be sure to pass by the famed snow leopards, yknow, if you dare.

4. Melbourne Zoo

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Home to over 320 animal species, step into this wildlife haven and witness some of the greatest animals from Australia and around the world, just a few kilometres from the city centre. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, look at this baby hippo. Just look at it.

5. Zoo Berlin

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Home to the greatest collection of wildlife in the world, the Berlin Zoo is also the most visited of zoos in all of Europe. With an astounding 25,000 animal inhabitants, it boasts the richest selection of species worldwide and makes for an exciting discovery every time.

6. Philadelphia Zoo

Cr: Philadelphia Zoo via TravelChannel

The oldest zoo in the United States is a fun day out particularly for the little ones. Boasting a family education centre and a petting area, children and adults alike can become friends with the small ponies, goats and sheep found in the miniature zoo. Expect many ‘awwww’s and squeals.

7. Sao Paolo Zoo

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Just a few miles south of Sao Paolo, this zoo is focused on preserving the endangered species of the region. Admire the beauty of miniature macaws and lion marmosets here at Brazil’s largest zoo.

8. The Singapore Zoo

Cr: h4ilstorm via Tumblr

Locally known as the ‘Mandai Zoo’, this rainforest zoo is located in a forested nature reserve and boasts a beautiful tropical atmosphere for visitors. Go for a night time safari at this zoo, and discover what the animals get up to when it gets dark.

9. Toronto Zoo

Cr: soinlovewithpandas via Tumblr

Home to the world’s largest indoor gorilla exhibit, Canada’s largest zoo is home to over 450 species. Divided by region, explore and observe the life of animals from Indo-Malaya to Tundra Trek and Australasia.

10. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Cr: Mr Nixter via TravelChannel

Ranked the world’s number 1 zoo in 2014, this zoo features the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit, largest indoor rainforest, largest indoor desert, and largest glazed geodisic globe. Explore the animal kingdom in all its glory and in great magnitude here.

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