This Man Created A Mini Lego CV Of Himself, And It’s Very Impressive

How to stand out from the crowd 101

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There are so many ways to spice up your CV and stand out from the crowd. You could adjust the font and make certain words pop, you could include images or a video, you could write a poem, make a slideshow, include some graphs, draw some items…

Or, you could make a mini Lego version of yourself.

A job applicant by the name of Andy Morris has created a mini Lego CV of himself, and it is absolutely brilliant.

Aiming to cut through the paper piles of common applications, the recent design graduate from the University of South Wales has created the minifigure as a way of standing out (and yellow) from the hoards of other job applicants, and showcasing his creativity.

Adding quite literally a playful touch to the application process, Morris has combined his design philosophy with his experience with toys to create a perfect encapsulation of what he stands for and what he aims to achieve.

And we’re not gonna lie – the whole thing looks pretty freakin’ impressive.

Made up of a small yellow plastic figure modelled after Morris himself, the mini Lego CV features the graduate’s signature style and expression, and holds a laptop in one hand, and a tiny tiny custom printed CV in the other. It comes packaged in true-to-form toy packaging, with the key details written on the front, and some extra information (and where to find more) written on the back.

To top it all off, it comes gift-wrapped in minimalist packaging, with a nice big label that reads, “Unwrap your newest employee.”

We can already imagine all the other regular paper applications being put to shame in the HR office.

All images cr: Andy Morris

Eye-catching and original, Morris, whatever job you’re looking for, we truly hope you get it.

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h/t: BoredPanda