Teens Are Wearing Croissants Instead Of Corsages To Prom, Because Food

Also, they DO sound kinda similar…

You know that episode of Friends where Joey says he wouldn’t have had breakfast if he would have known that there are corsages?

Joey would approve of this trend.

Croissants as corsages are popping up at proms like tourists at a breakfast buffet.

Cr: www.fanforum.com

Teens are replacing traditional prom corsages (a wristband with flowers, typically a rose) with a fluffy crescent-shaped pastry. And we are SO on board with this trend.

Whilst prom is famed for girls dressing up in beautiful gowns, and boys donning a dapper suit, it’s also a time where teens leave behind their high school selves and come out of their shell ready to take on the world. So why not have a snack handy?

I mean, dresses and suits are cute and all, but can you eat them? Also, roses sure have a delicate scent, but do they come from a bakery? Exactly.

It’s a surefire way to stand out from the crowd, and also make a couple (hungry) friends. A croissant as a corsage is definitely a ~tasteful~ accessory, and you can always sneak in a little nibble between songs.

Also, let’s be honest. They do sound ridiculously (deliciously?) similar.