Meet Crossushi: The Croissant Sushi Hybrid Kicking Off Funky Food Trends In 2018

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It’s been a quiet first week into 2018 food-wise. No Cocktail Doughnuts brushing through our feeds, no Charcoal Ice Cream grazing our Instagrams, no Wine Jam to spread on our toasts, and no  Coffee Coca Cola to boost us through the first week of work.

Indeed, it seemed to be a quiet first week into 2018 food-wise.

Until crossushi popped up.

That’s right – kicking off 2018 in delicious style is a new foodie hybrid known as the ‘ crossushi ’, a mash up of a croissant and sushi (!).

Ok really diggin’ this aesthetic

France meets Japan, pastry meets raw fish, butter meets soy… it’s all kinds of confusing but also all kinds of intriguing, which is exactly what its creators at Mr Holmes Bakehouse had in mind. Known as the ‘California Croissant’ the crossushi comes “topped with sesame seeds and filled with smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger, and nori seaweed. Kikkoman soy sauce is served on the side.”

It’s a bit like a croissant sandwich filled with ham or cheese, except, sexier, because sushi.

Ok wait what

We’re imagining a raving combination of textures between soft croissant and silky seaweed, and warm buttery interiors matched with zing-y pickled ginger. Indeed, it’s like a New Years firework in our mouths.

Do you have it with your morning coffee? Or is sake more apt? Is this more of a breakfast or lunch snack? Perhaps brunch? And since theres low-cal ingredients inside of the croissant, is this technically ~technically~ healthy diet food?


Questions on questions on questions. Find out more over on the Mr Holmes Bakehouse website, and follow #CaliforniaCroissant on Instagram to discover more on the infamous first funky food trend of 2018.


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