At This Crowd-Funded Restaurant, Refugees Are Employed To Share Their Cuisines

A restaurant with a positive message. 

Faith In Humanity Restored: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 10/10

This article was originally posted on February 26 2017.

A restaurant called ‘Syr’ has opened in the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands, after gaining the support of 500 investors. 

What could be so special that 500 people are willing to voluntarily crowdfund yet another eatery, you ask? A very inspiring idea for a positive social cause.

Reacting almost directly to the European refugees crisis, Syr is a restaurant that employs several of the many Syrian and Afghan refugees who have arrived in the Netherlands, and allows them to share dishes from their homeland with the Dutch locals. 

Meet the team

The eatery serves Syrian dishes such as Tabouleh and Sambusek with a European touch, and a heartfelt message. Aiming to increase refugee participation and encourage integration into society, the concept allows for education and career development opportunities to those who have fled their homes and are essentially displaced in the new European cities they have come to. 

All this, whilst providing some truly mouthwatering dishes. 

We’ll have some of everything thank you

The social enterprise also includes an exhibition space featuring presentations, workshops, and debates, and is a beautiful way to teach tolerance, understanding, and some scrumptious means of learning about new cultures and their cuisines. 

As Syr notes on its website, it’s “food that does and tastes good.”


Okay this looks so good

I think we can all dish up some of that. 

For a drool-worthy visual tasting menu, check out Syr on Instagram

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