These Delicate Creations Are Made Solely From Cut Paper And They’re So Beautiful

They’re so detailed you won’t believe your eyes

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Have you ever cut up some paper and made a snowflake? Yeah? Well this is like that, except, on steroids.

An artist by the name of Pippa Dyrlaga creates the most incredible art pieces using solely cut paper.

Yeah, beat that, snowflake-you-made-in-year-6.

Hand-carving intricate and intriguing designs, the artist creates fantastically detailed images from patterns on large sheets of paper. There’s everything from nature and wildlife over to human anatomy, and the precision of life-like movement and dimension is truly mesmerising.

Whilst Pippa uses a precision knife over regular scissors, her work still goes to show how much craftsmen can create using the basics of cut paper. Held up against colourful backgrounds or up in the air as themselves, her pieces are beautiful testament to skill and structure.

Take a scroll through some of Pippa’s work below. You’re never going to cut paper the same way again.

All images cr: Pippa Dyrlaga

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h/t: UFunk