14 Times Babies And Small Animals Were Kinda The Same Thing

This is the cutest thing ever

Prepare for the cutest comparison of the day.

Babies. And Small Animals.

From the surprised to the shocked across to the disappointed and indignant, take a scroll through these hilariously adorable shots that truly prove that animals feel just as many emotions as babies do.

Sigh, we always knew there was a connection…

1. The ‘no more food?’

CR: © Donnie Ray Jones / © www.pexels.com via Brightside

2. The ‘I’m so happy to see you!’

CR: © Larisa Pichko / © jayjaaaaaaaay via Brightside

3. The ‘what are thooooose’

CR: © MySubtleKnife / © Karl452 via Brightside

4. The ‘I love you’

CR: © MB-Fotografie / © Skitterphoto via Brightside

5. The ‘did I already eat today?’

CR: © Sergey81 / © Pixel-mixer via Brightside

6. The ‘guess who had sugar for breakfast?’

CR: © 21150 / © Jessye Ameli via Brightside

7. The ‘vegetables? Please not vegetables!’

CR: © rsm1433.blogspot.ru / © Random_Fandom via Brightside

8. The ‘guess who just peed the bed’

CR: © Tatiana Dudina / © imgur.com via Brightside

9. The ‘big kiss little kiss’ pout

CR: © dpv_editor / © Iván Lojko via Brightside

10. The ‘IT’S 4 AM AND I AM AWAKE’

CR: © puggapao1.blogspot.ru / © vyatich43 via Brightside

11. The ‘Your real name isn’t Mommy?’

CR: © Denise Huxtable / © Jacattack212 via Brightside

12. The ‘I know I’m your little bundle of joy’

CR: © valdizia28 / © goldlyon via Brightside

13. The ‘what do you mean we’re out of milk?’

CR: © Wikimedia Commons / © porcelannachic.blogspot.ru via Brightside

14. And lastly, the ‘HI I AM CUTE’

CR: © emimeni / © BreakdancingGiraffe via Brightside

Very cute.