This Cute iPhone Photo Of A Little Girl Swimming Is On Billboards Worldwide

Her name is Ava, and she’s kind of a big deal

You don’t need to be a big famous photographer to have your photo displayed on billboards across the globe. You don’t have to have some swanky camera gear and special lighting. Heck, you don’t even need to be in a photo studio or an exotic location.

You can simply be swimming in a swimming pool with your adorable two-year-old niece.

Such was the case for Francis Olarte, who went for a dip in the pool with his little niece Ava.

Snapping some casual photos of her enjoying her time in the water, Olarte had no idea his iPhone photo would go on to be seen by millions across the globe every day.

Blown up and on billboards and endorsed by Apple.

Cr: Francis Olarte

Wait… what?

That’s right. After opting to go for a casual swim with his two-year-old niece, Olarte decided to upload the sweet snaps he took of her to his Facebook and Instagram. The cute shots quickly gained the attention of the folks over at Apple, who then decided to use Olarte’s image as prime advertising for the new water-resistant iPhone 7.

And here Ava was, thinking she was just going for a little splash. When in fact she’s making waves in the tech marketing industry.

Spotted in Milan

Spotted everywhere from Shanghai and Bangkok to Milan and Toronto, the playful snap of the fab little toddler in the pink sunglasses is truly going viral. In an almost traditional kind of way.

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#whereisBEM in Singapore 🇸🇬 #ShotoniPhone 📱

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Spotted in Singapore

Paddling around the pool in a pink pool float one day, international superstar the next. #Fabulous.


Perhaps sometimes the best pictures are truly the spontaneous pictures.

What do you think?

PS. And if you can’t get enough of the little cutie – you can now follow Ava on her very own Instagram page. (And her photographer uncle too).

h/t: Mashable