This Baby Elephant Attack Is Going Viral For Being The Cutest Ever

An attack of the sweetest kind

#SoCute: 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 10/10

Prepare for your heart to melt.

When visiting Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand’s Chiang Mai, tourist Hannah Frenchick did not know what would hit her. Or more precisely – who.

A video featuring the tourist is going viral as it features quite possibly the cutest baby elephant attack we have ever seen.

Sitting in the mud on a rainy day at the elephant farm, Hannah can be seen in the video gently patting the baby elephant on the head, before being almost entirely knocked over as it approaches her. What looks a little violent at first is quickly realised as a very sweet moment, as the baby elephant looks to snuggle and cuddle up with the tourist.

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Hannah, keeping her cool and laughing warmly throughout, is seen with the baby elephant on top of her, stroking its head on hers, and looking to squeeze every ounce of affection out of her. Whilst an employee from the elephant farm does step in to assist (a baby elephant is still a heavy elephant!), Hannah continues to roll around happily in the mud, with her little friend sweetly nuzzling her body.

Truly, you need to see this for yourself:

Heartwarming and definite proof that baby elephants are just like baby humans, the adorable baby elephant attack video has since gone viral, with many people around the globe sharing the cutesy cuddle sesh. 

With Patara Elephant Farm focusing on healthy recovery and conservation of the elephant species, this video is beautiful proof that humans and elephants can be great friends. And great friends, they cuddle each other. 

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