Meet Vietnam’s Most Fashionable Fish Vendor: A Cat In A Yellow Suit

The cutest fish vendor you’ll EVER see, I PROMISE you

#SoCuteWeCantEven: 🐱🐠 🐱🐠 🐱🐠 🐱🐠 🐱🐠 🐱 11/10

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam, you’ll know that it’s a country filled with various street vendors and food stalls. Between fresh fruit and flowers, banh mi and hot broths, the country is bursting with sweet-smelling goods at every street corner.

However, there is one particular street corner which is going viral lately. And for the cutest reason.

Meet Dog – Dog is a cat and quite possibly (nay, most definitely) the cutest fish vendor you’ll ever see.

That’s right. The fair ginger cat is causing much buzz on the interwebs not just because of his super sweet gaze but also because of his adorable Asian style outfits. Watching over the fish being sold at the market, and aptly posing/marketing the food, Dog the three-year-old cat is the local Vietnamese fish vendor who has officially stolen our hearts.

I mean, look at him in these shades (!!!):

However, if you thought Dog was all business and no play, you thought wrong. The cat’s human Le Quoc Phong states that he loves “ice cream, travelling, and sleeping”. He also has “a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country”.

Turns out, little Dog here, is quite the baller.

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And with swag like this, can you blame him?

When he’s not busy helping his human at the market, the part time fish vendor cat loves playing dress up. Unusual for a cat (and so all the more adorable), Dog lets his human dress him up in anything from minion and sailor outfits to pirate costumes and police uniform.

All images cr: Le Quoc Phong/Facebook

Truly, there’s nothing this cat can’t pull off.

Follow Dog the cat over on Instagram, and never look at your local fish vendor the same way ever again.

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