This Diamond Cappuccino Is Definitely Going To Add Some Sparkle To Your Morning

****Bling. Bling everywhere****

Take My Money: 💎☕ 💎☕ 💎☕ 💎☕ 8/10

Here is one good cuppa Joe that is sure to brighten any grey day you may be having.

Coffee shop chain Coffee By Di Bella is selling a diamond cappuccino, and you might want to prepare some sunglasses for this one, because it’ll definitely be the most sparkly thing you’ll see all day.

Cr: CoffeeByDiBella/Facebook

Yes, this is really a thing.

Served at the fabulous Mumbai-based cafe, the specialty diamond cappuccino is topped with edible glitter, giving the hot beverage its undeniable show-stopping sheen.

Writer Supriya Nair writes on Instagram, “While the glitter does give the coffee a creamier texture, it leaves you with a shiny lip gloss too.”

Uh… #GOALS, much?!

Cr: CoffeeByDiBella/Facebook

Available currently only in Mumbai outlets, it’s a morning cuppa straight out of our most extravagant dreams. I mean, have you seen all the beautiful colours this drink is reflecting upon our souls right now?


However, whilst coffee breath is surely unavoidable, the diamond cappuccino does make us wonder… will glitter cover all the words we proceed to speak after sipping? How do you remove diamond bling that gets stuck between your teeth? And how will we EVER return to regular monotone brown-coloured coffee after this?

There’s only one way to find out.


What do you think?

h/t: Delish/Designtaxi