Here’s What Dinnertime Looks Like For Different People In The U.S.

Photographer Lois Bielefeld has captured the different styles and tastes of people at dinnertime across the America

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How do you have your dinner? Do you sit at a dinner table? Do you eat with other people? Do you eat one thing or several?

Milwaukee-based photographer Lois Bielefeld has captured what dinnertime looks like to many different people across the U.S., and the images will awaken your curiosity.

Documenting families, friends, and single individuals during their regular everyday dinners, Bielefeld unveils the many different habits people have at dinnertime. In conversation with Feature Shoot the artist explains, “I’m super nosy about people’s habits. I’ve always craved going into people’s homes – it’s inspiring, curious. It gives so many sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant insights about someone.”

As far as insights go, Bielefeld instructed all his subjects to go about their dinners as they normally would. The series, entitled ‘Weeknight Dinners’, is casual, almost mundane, and yet beautifully captures something special about the routine meal we spoon into our mouths at the end of everyday.

From prepackaged TV dinners on the sofa to home cooked meals on the dining table, take a scroll through Bielefeld’s photographs below. They’ll definitely make you reflect on your own dinner tonight.

All images cr: Lois Bielefeld

How do you spend dinnertime?

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