A London Eatery Provides Instagram Kits For Guests To Take Lit #FoodPorn Pics

If you’re gonna snap a pic of your food, make it a good one.

In 2017, when we go out to eat, we have a little saying. It goes, “pics or it didn’t happen.” In 2017, when we go out to eat, we HAVE TO take a picture of our food. And maybe post it on the internet. And show off about it to all our friends.

And whilst admittedly this results in an array of mouthwatering #FoodPorn shots, it’s a little disheartening to all those of us who can’t always get the angle just right, or know where to find good lighting. All our pictures end up looking like inedible blobs.

If only, if only there were some sort of photography aids, or smart lenses, or Instagram kits to help us out.

Wait… hang on a second.


London restaurant and cocktail bar Dirty Bones is providing Instagram kits for their guests, so they can take very artsy and very mouthwatering shots of their food.

Supplying diners and wannabe food bloggers with a ‘Foodie Instagram Pack,’ Dirty Bones is reigning in the end of bad filters and poor angles. Made up of a portable LED camera light, a multi-device charger, clip-on wide angle lens, and a tripod selfie stick, the Instagram kit comprises of everything one might need to get a pic that hits well above those telling 11 likes.

Available at the American restaurant’s Soho branch, it’s definitely a dually beneficial concept. Think about it, Dirty Bones gets some neat shots all over their online geotags, and their visitors get some neat bragging rights all over their social media. Kill two birds with one like?

Between millennial marketing and ‘gram greed, we’re definitely curious about this new initiative. Perhaps we’ll order a cheeseburger and some fries to test it out. And a side of mac and cheese. Maybe some chicken and waffles. And a good cocktail to wash it all down.

Yknow… to make the picture look better.

All images cr: DirtyBones/Facebook

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h/t: TimeOutLondon