Here’s What Disney Movies Would Look Like In 2017 (Hint: Lot’s Of Selfies)

Pinocchio uses his nose as a selfie stick and LeFou celebrates gay pride

If Cinderella would have had an iPhone, would she have taken a Pumpkin Uber to the ball?

If you’ve ever wondered what Disney movies would look like if they took place in 2017, wonder no more. UK-based graphic artist Tom Ward has released a series of drawings dubbed “Alt Disney,” blurring the lines between Disney and dark modern reality.

Providing a charming reimagination of our favourite Disney movies, the images serve as almost a magic mirror for a reflection to our society at this time – both positive and negative. There’s everything from pollution and animal abuse, over to tech addictions and eating disorders. All through the lens of Peter Pan, Mowgli, and Pinocchio.

Whilst we know all these movies have a happy ending, Ward’s drawings extend as almost a warning. We wouldn’t want the lions from the Lion King to be held in captivity, would we? Why does Jasmine have to clean while Aladdin and Genie play video games? And what’s up with everyone constantly checking their phones?

Thoughtful and suggestive, take a look at some of Ward’s drawings below, they’re definitely going to make you think. (Also, smile for LeFou from Beauty and the Beast celebrating pride!)

All images cr: Tom Ward

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h/t: BoredPanda