This Man Created A Dog Bedroom Under The Stairs For His Dog And It Is Adorable

Complete with wooden floorboards and framed photos, this place is woofin’ beautiful

#SoCuteWeCantEven: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 8/10

It’s probably the best-sounding apartment listing you’ll see all day.

A man from California has built a dog bedroom for his dog under the stairs of his home, and it’s truly the stuff canine dreams are made of.

Al’s brother (who remains unnamed at the moment) (let’s call him Dog Home Genius) has created a home for his dog that is sure to make all the other hounds in the hood very jealous.

Complete with wooden floorboards (exquisite), perfectly painted walls (with art!), and a ceiling light, the dog bedroom under the stairs seems like a perfect place for any dog to kick back after a ruff day of eating and playing.

And you thought your dog had it good? Pfft, think again.

The room also includes picture frames on the walls, featuring photos of the dog-home-owner and its humans. So that when the little pupper wakes up from his nap on his fluffy bed, he can look up to some familiar faces on his pristinely painted walls.

And pristine AF is the whole dog bedroom really. Using a dead space under the stairs, the dog owner even went the extra mile to make the little not-that-humble abode have matching floorboards and skirting boards to suit the rest of the house.

Just outside the entrance, there is also a food and water bowl. So really, this dog needs no reason to ever leave.

All images cr: @Al_Chris16/Twitter

Sigh. It may be kind of small, but it is probably still bigger and more beautiful than all of our central London flats put together. <3

What do you think?

h/t: Metro