Lovers Of Dogs And Food: This Instagram Combines Cute Pups With Pretty Grub

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LOL #SoCute: 🐶🎂 🐶🎂 🐶🎂 🐶🎂 🐶🎂 10/10

There are few things that make us happier than dogs and food.

And now, a genius has combined the two beauties to bring us the ultimate combination of dogs and food: an Instagram account called ‘Dogs In Food’.

Yet whilst the account sounds like an array of pictures of little puppers devouring some nosh, it’s actually much, much better. And adorable-er.

You see, ‘Dogs In Food’ actually photoshops the dogs into the food. From a Pomeranian as a buttercream cupcake (Caramel Pomcake) to a grey French bulldog as a blueberry (Pupberry), the Instagram account manages to create playful images designed to make your heart burst and exclaim all the ‘awwwww’s.

Combining #FoodPorn and #DogsOfInstagram, it’s no surprise that ‘Dogs In Food’ has quickly become a viral hit. With over 57,000 followers and counting, it turns out people just cannot get enough of the little pooches on our favourite dishes.

I mean, how else would we have know that a Dachshund matches so perfectly with a chocolate peanut butter cup?

And how did we live not knowing that pugs are our favourite dogs because deep down they looks like a chocolate chip cookie?

And how did we wake up in the mornings and go about our days without being familiar with the beauty that is this combination of a taco (love) and a beagle (super love)?

And this Sharpei dumpling?

Or this Frenchie hot choc?

Honestly, I could look through these allllll day.

All images cr: @dogs_infood/Instagram

So in Vogue. I mean, Dogue.

Follow ‘Dogs In Food’ on Instagram to brighten up your newsfeed every day. And if you have a dog at home, you can even DM the page and let them turn your furry friend into a food. We have a feeling you wouldn’t regret it.

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