Kill Two Birds With One Doughnut: Meet The Doughnut Coffee Cup

If you love doughnuts and you love coffee, why not drink your coffee out of a doughnut?!

#Yum: ☕️🍩 ☕️🍩 ☕️🍩 ☕️ 7/10

There’s nothing like having a sugary, cushiony doughnut with your coffee. You can’t fight us on this.

And so, when the geniuses over at Kenilworth Bakery in Australia came up with a doughnut coffee cup, we couldn’t help but be curious (and drool a little).

That’s right – a doughnut coffee cup exists, and it’s exactly as weird and wonderful as it sounds. Made up of a cinnamon doughnut with a hollow (but not entirely hollow) centre, the dough-y cup is lined with Nutella and then filled with single origin coffee. It puts into one the little dip and dab coffee/doughnut lovers like to do anyway, and makes for a dreamy sweet treat with a kick of caffeine. For those who dislike coffee, there’s also a hot chocolate version.

Created by barista Fernando Santi, Kenilworth Bakery owner Jenna Sanders states, “Our new barista is out of this world. He had the idea and played around with it, using my baking skills. Being Brazilian, he knows so much about coffee. It took us about a week to perfect but they are amazing.”

All images cr: Kenilworth Bakery/Facebook

Think about it. All those hours (okay, minutes) you spend eating doughnuts and sipping coffee may be cut in half. Your morning coffee could also be your breakfast. Your afternoon snack could also be your energy boost. Your favourite drink, your favourite pastry, all in one.

Millennial foodie fluke or greatest invention of all time?

What do you think?