Doughnut Walls Are The Yummiest Interior Decor Trend You Need To See

What’s better than wallpaper? Edible doughnut wallpaper.

#FoodArt: 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 7/10

Coming in to topple flower walls (so #Kanye2014) off their top party decorating pedestal, doughnut walls are the next hot trend sweetening up all our events. 

Dainty and delicious, doughnut walls has been popping up over Instagram and interior decor blogs for a while now, as a scrumptious way for guests to snack at your wedding/birthday party/movie night. 

Besides some sugar for the tongue, they also provide for a beautiful presentation piece, and some Instagram-worthy photo opps.


An easy DIY and a great dessert bar backdrop, the mouthwatering number is proving to be quite the hit from foodie hipsters to design snobs alike. Easy to make using an old peg board and some pretty doughnuts (all doughnuts are pretty tbh), they also offer a perfect excuse for bringing out your best doughnut puns.

From the classic to the more adventurous, we gathered some of our favourite doughnut walls from Instagram below. Take some screenshots, bookmark a few, and never worry about desserts at your next big party again!

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Looovee itt

Excuse our glazed expressions. We’ve got a ‘hole’ lot of love for this design hack. 


h/t: Cosmopolitan