Bride Carries Doughnut Wedding Bouquet Down The Aisle Because Doughnuts Are Life


#WeddingGoals: 🍩💐💍 🍩💐💍 6/10

Flowers are cute and all… but can you eat them?

Such may have been the thought process of Australian bride Paige Kirk, who used a beautiful selection of doughnuts for a doughnut wedding bouquet on her special day.

The work of Sydney-based company Dessert Boxes (who are actually quite famous for their dessert bouquets), the young bride replaced traditional flowers and non-edibles with a group of mouthwatering doughnuts. She tells BBC News, “Me and my husband Steven thought it would be different, fun and lighthearted.”

And certainly delicious.


Furthermore, Paige explains, “We wanted the wedding to be a bit different and really reflect who we are as a couple.”

Yet getting the doughnut wedding bouquet was no easy feat. In fact, Paige and Steven actually won the sweet treats, after Dessert Boxes ran a competition and chose the couple as the winners amongst more than 250 applicants.

Samantha Khater of Dessert Boxes tells Mashable, “We chose Paige because we loved her lighthearted approach to this! Plus, she wanted to keep it a surprise from her bridesmaids which we knew would make for a great reactions on the day.”

Everyone gets a doughnut wedding bouquet!

I mean, can you imagine walking in to your friend’s wedding and seeing her in a gorgeous gown and beautiful makeup and perfect hair and holding a bloomin’ doughnut wedding bouquet?!


What do you think?

h/t: Mashable