So Eyebrow Wigs Exist Now For Anyone Looking To Get Their Brows On Fleek

Anything for eyebrows on fleek.

This article was originally posted on 19th May 2017.

Some people want/need a new hairstyle and get themselves a wig to switch things up a bit.

Other people want/need a new eyebrow style and get themselves eyebrow wigs to switch things up even more.

That’s right – eyebrow wigs exist, and they are trending now more than ever.

What whaaat

Gone are the days where you filled those buggers in with a pencil/powder/cream/brush/contour, and here are the days where you don’t need to be an amateur brow sketcher to get yourself a perfectly arched and full pair.

Teeeeny tiny eyebrow wigs have come to the aid of women and men everywhere, sitting atop people’s eyelids looking like the real deal.

Except, of course, they aren’t the real deal. And they look confusing AF when they’re not actually glued to your face. A bit like hairy check-marks, or a trail left by a caterpillar of some sort.

This video is going viral

However, there’s no denying that this curiously creative cosmetic/beauty item is definitely delivering in style, and giving #EyebrowGoals all around. I mean, this changes everything. It’s a lazy girl hack for everyone who doesn’t want to spend hours finding the perfect way to fill their brows, and a definite saviour to those who may have waxed or tweezed too much away in the first place.

Different styles

The false brows come as a lace-style sticker and look convincingly real once applied. Not just a craze for makeup fanatics, they also provide a beautifully helpful solution to those suffering from the consequences of alopecia, trichotillomania, or hair loss from chemotherapy. Therefore also supporting a truly worthy cause.


Of course, we’re now checking out brows all around in a whole new light, and certainly ~raising an eyebrow~ wondering which are eyebrow wigs, and which are real.

Then again… when they look this on fleek, does it really matter?

h/t: Metro