This Company Sells ‘Friends’ To Take Selfies With So You Can Look Popular

Don’t have friends? Buy some and take selfies with them and fool everyone!

Life can get pretty lonely when you have lot’s of money and no friends and your Insta is a pure sad series of single selfies and food pictures. 

I mean, if you don’t post party pics with your friends and fun group shots at dinner together, what will everyone else think?!

Stepping in to solve these exact issues, a Japanese company called ‘Family Romance’ is here to help, and make you look popular online. 

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The firm is offering a service called ‘Real Appeal,’ whereby you can hire friends to stand in your selfies and pictures so that your feed can look fun and fulfilling, from the outside at least. 

Users can select gender, age, and even appearance (!) of their fake companies for large and small events, from a staged drinks for guys night over to full on birthday parties. 

Yes, what you’re reading is real. 

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The website describes its services as providing “unlimited pictures for social networking, free of charge.” If you’re wondering when this might come in handy, it also lists some examples of where this might be necessary, such as holiday photos where you may want to act like you didn’t go alone and Netflix-ed all day, but rather made a couple of friends. 

“I want to look like I have a nice network of connections, and I’d like to upload photos. Let’s solve this problem with Family Romance agents.” 

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Another option is to act as if you’re having a huge party, and obviously having the time of your life with all your many friends. For this occasion, the website states, “the staff are happy to stand in as substitutes.” Similar to an actual party with actual friends, this doesn’t come cheap either. Two hours can cost up to 8000 yen ($70) per hired person, and this doesn’t even include their transportation costs and all the stuff they eat at your party. (Yes, you have to provide them with food too, they’re real humans after all). 

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Whilst we’re chuckling a little as we read (and maybe even starting to consider it), there’s no doubt that this service is highlighting a very sad issue that is increasingly widespread as people look to the internet for validation, and draw links between online likes and their own self-esteem and self-worth. 

What if, however, we spent our time (and money!) on doing things where we could make actual friends, instead of hiring fake ones? What if we posted without thinking about the likes? And what if our social media didn’t dictate our social life?

It’d be wild. 

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What do you think? 

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