You Can Dress Up In A Fake News Costume This Halloween, Because 2017

Oh and yes, it is sexy, because ofc.

#HalloweenCostumeGoals: 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 6/10

Have you thought of what to wear for Halloween yet?

You could go for the classic witch/vampire, or perhaps the sexy nurse/doctor, perhaps the sarcastic fried egg/Borat thong, or, to fit in with this whirlwind of events we’re going through, you could wear this fake news costume.

Because ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2017.

A website called Yandy has released a fake news costume, complete with, yknow, news, and a bold red ‘FAKE’ written across the front.

It’s probably what fake news would look like, if we envisioned them as a short sexy dress.

As you do.

Proving that no current hot topic can escape the wrath of a Halloween costume company, the fake news costume will probably bring laughs (followed by sighs) to anyone who sees you in it. The product description reads, “Spread all the alternative facts in this exclusive Fake News costume featuring a white tank dress with a scoop neckline, thick shoulder straps, and allover newspaper design, “FAKE” printed in red across the bust, and a scoop back.”

Priced at $54.95, it’s good news to anyone who wants to get everyone talking about fake news in the weirdest and sexiest of ways. Also, you can always keep it in the closet for years to come and explain to your grandkids.

That’ll be fun.

What do you think?

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