This Artist Gives Famous Paintings A Panda Makeover And It’s Freakin’ Adorable

This is so cute

Pandas and cute people, look this way.

A Chinese illustrator that goes by the loosely translated moniker of “A Shaggy Dog” has given famous paintings one fabulous panda makeover, and the images are going to make you smile.

From the curiously expressive over to the downright tickle-your-belly adorable, the mashups combine little fluffy black and white bears with classic and contemporary art. There’s everything from famous western pieces over to traditional Chinese works, and all come with an utmost dose of cute.

From the Mona Lisa to the Scream, it’s art like you’ve definitely never seen it before. And whilst the poses are a little clumsier than the originals, there’s something about that little panda smirk that will make certainly brighten your day.

Take a look at the famous pieces with the panda makeover below, and be sure to pick your fave.

All images cr: A Shaggy Dog

Who knew… Not only are pandas freakin’ adorable, but they’re freakin’ artsy too.