Fashion Never Looked So Fresh As In These Flower & Veggie Dresses

These are super pretty. 

OOTD Inspiration: ????????? 9/10

It’s easy to find inspiration in nature. 

There are so many beautiful landscapes and so many beautiful plants which often lie behind the inspiration for many famous designers and their creations, from shapes to colours over to textures and patterns. 

Artist and Illustrator Meredith Wing takes this inspiration quite literally by inserting colourful flowers and vegetables into fashion illustrations in order to create unique images. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a dress of rose petals, honey comb, or broccoli, look no further. 

The freshly whimsical pieces of art are elegant and playful, and definitely reminiscent of the daydreams we had as little girls (or boys). Take a scroll through Meredith’s secret garden below, and pick your faves. 

Honestly, I wish I could wear so many of these in real life. 

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