Glitter Gravy Is A Thing Now In Case Non-Sparkly Gravy Was Too Boring For You

Yes, it’s gravy that really sparkles.

Get In My Belly: ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨  5/10

I mean, freakin’ finally am I right?!

For all those times you were having a roast dinner and really enjoying that meat, and those potatoes, and those veggies, and thought, ‘gosh darn it gravy, why can’t you be more sparkly’ – here is the solution to end that debacle once and for all.

Glitter gravy exists, and it’s here for the holidays to ensure you have the most bang-on fantastic festive meal of your life.


Served at the Greater London The Fox Under The Hill Hungry Horse Pub, the glitter gravy has been created here as a special side for the festive menu options, which include turkey, Christmas pie, and butternut and cashew nut roast.

We can already imagine the eager diners/Instagrammers whipping out their smartphones to capture this beaut, and indeed the glitter gravy is already proving to be quite the hit. After all, you’re probably dressing up for the holidays, so why shouldn’t your food dress up too?

General manager at the pub Ashish Patel states, “We’ve had some great reactions from guests so far as they add a bit of seasonal sparkle to their Christmas meals with out glittering gravy.”

Patel continues, “Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year, as it’s the one time we can go all-out on festive decorations, twinkling lights and Christmas cheer!”

And now you can spread all that twinkle all the way to your intestines.

Go hard or go ho ho home, right?

What do you think?

h/t: DesignTaxi