Fidget Spinner Phones Are A Thing Now So You Can Spin And Take Calls All At Once

Fidget spinner phone > regular phone

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If you thought fidget spinners were cool/ridiculous, wait ’til you see this.

Fidget spinner phones are officially a thing – combining our addiction to fidget spinners with our addiction to our phones. A handy 2 in 1, sorta.

Cr: via Gadget Diary

Hong Kong-based company Chilli International is the mastermind behind the first ever fidget spinner phones, and has introduced the ‘K188’ in India as a quirky spin-able gadget. Whilst perhaps not as tech-savvy as other smartphones on the market, the 1.4-inch screen and 8GB memory dual sim handset is definitely unique with its wacky twirly feature.

I mean, you could be taking calls from your friends one minute, and twirling away the next. (Not sure if you could do both at the same time, though).

Cr: Chilli via mobility India

Marketed as a stress-relieving and distracting toy, the fidget spinner phones come priced between 1200 and 1300INR (approximately £14-£15). It’s quite a steal in comparison to the latest iPhone, and even comes in a range of colours. There are six different shades buyers can choose from, yet unfortunately the phones are only available in India at the moment.

If you’re desperate for this fidget-spinner-phone combo though, you can always check out this tutorial on how to turn a Samsung Galaxy smartphone into a fidget spinner.

2017 needs, am I right?

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h/t: DesignTaxi/Quartz India