This Fiji Resort Is Giving Us All The Butt Selfie Goals

The most gorgeous way to show off your cute behind

#SoInstagrammable: 📱🍑📱🍑📱🍑📱🍑📱🍑 10/10

If you were looking for a super sneaky and super stylish way to show off your butt on the old ‘gram, this is the place for you.

You may have seen this Fiji resort on Travel Inspo blogs, and you may have thought it was a magical haven only movie directors and models could dream up. But we assure you, this place is real. And the pools are definitely as beautiful as they look. And they definitely make for some absolutely gorgeous snaps. And they’re certainly the ideal location for a sweet belfie (i.e. a butt selfie).

Part of the  Laucala Island Resort on the Fijian island of Laucala, the property consists of 25 luxurious private villas; an average night at which will set you back at least a neat £4000.

But it’s a relatively small price to pay for an Insta post that looks THIS good.

Belfies can be for boys too

A favourite amongst celebs and bloggers alike, the quiet resort is probably most famously known for its stunning long pools, complete with a glass wall for prime photo sessions. The beautiful blue infinity waters in combination with palms in the back and sunshine all around practically beg to be on your Instagram.

I mean, it would almost be kind of rude NOT to take a pic.

Each of the magnificent villas at this resort come with said dreamy pool, and thereby allow guests to take as many (and as naked) shots there as they wish. There are villas at various locations, from a private beach and a rainforest, to a mountain top and a romantic lagoon.

It’s every daydream we’ve ever had whilst stuck in a hot office surrounded by bad coffee and neon post-its.

We do not want to be that glass right now… but we do want that pool.

Each villa at the Fiji resort has been made using natural and local materials, and this is reflected in the interior design and charm. Come nightfall, our belfie pool goals are lit up by Tikki torches, making your entire stay bloomin’ beautiful regardless of time of day.


Sigh. It just… it just feels like this pool would ruin us for every other pool ever.

Find out more over on the Laucala island resort website, and start packing your bikinis/trunks/birthday suit.

Who’s coming?

h/t: Metro