The Difference Between The First vs. Second Child, As Explained Through Comics

The one about the food is SO TRUE

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Between who’s smarter, who’s better looking, and who’s more loved, there’s not doubt that there is often sibling rivalry and comparison between the first and the second born.

Flipping the perspective a little, an artist called Weng Chen is illustrating where it all began, by depicting the differences between raising the first and the second child. And the images are as hilarious (and true!) as you would expect.

Whilst having the first child may be a tip-toeing balance of eating healthy and sterilising everything (I mean, everything), having the second child is a lot more relaxed. We’re talking junk food, second-hand toys, and even the occasional TV session.

In essence it’s a bit like getting a new dog and reading up all about dog psychology and healthy dog eating practices and good dog hygiene, before finally getting the dog and realising anybody could probably take care of it. It’s not that difficult. It’s not that fussy.

Except, of course, these are real human babies and not dogs.

(So still sorta the same dw).

Light-hearted and please, please, not to be taken too seriously, Chen’s comics are a playful and certainly relatable depiction of having kids. Whether you’re the first child or the second child, or a parent that has both, take a scroll through some of Chen’s work below. It’ll definitely make you chuckle.

All images cr: Weng Chen

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