These Incredible Fish Sugar Sculptures Are Actually Lollipops You Can Lick

They look SO REAL

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I mean, they look like actual fish from an actual pond.

Japanese artist Shinri Tezuka creates the most incredible sugar sculptures – and turns them into lollipops you could actually devour.

Sculpting convincingly real and make-you-look-twice detailed animals, the craftsman and owner of Ameshin Confectionery is making our sweet tooth swoon.

Named ‘Amezaiku,’ the sugar sculptures are actually a traditional Japanese art craft. It consists of the candy being heated to around 90 degrees, before being finely hand crafted and shaped using traditional Japanese scissors. After vigorous and precise cutting, pulling, and bending, the candy is then attached to a stick.

Beat that, every other lollipop ever.

The art of Amezaiku dates back to the 17th to 19th centuries, where craftsmen often performed the art of their sugar sculptures to people on the street. It was a form of entertainment, with a very sweet ending – many of the techniques for such, have been passed down Japanese families for generations.

Take a look through some of Shinri Tezuka’s stunning creations below, it’ll definitely make you look at fish and at candy in a whole new light.

All images cr: Shinri Tezuka

Which is your fave?

h/t: ame-shin