This Floral Latte Art At Singapore’s Carol Mel Cafe Is Bloomin’ Beautiful

Florals? For Lattes? Groundbreaking.

By now, it takes quite a bit of artistry to woo Latte Art lovers. We’ve had everything from fashion designer art and 3D latte art, over to classic painting, meringue, and even iPhone latte art. This trend however, is the perfect combination of late spring and delicate drinking.

I mean, florals? For lattes? Groundbreaking.

Singapore’s Carol Mel Cafe is serving up floral latte art and it is absolutely stunning. And don’t the Singaporeans know it.


Featuring the ever-popular and ever-beautiful sakura (cherry blossom), each cup is delicately decorated with intricately placed milk foam of green, grey, white, and pink. Sometimes a few edible hearts float around for added fragility and bliss, whilst other times an extra message/character is drawn into the centre.

How cute is this

The floral latte art is the work and brainchild of barista Damien Soh, who actually only makes the drinks on order by reservation only. The exclusivity kind of adds to the heightened experience of it all, and the many Instagrams tagged at the location prove that it’s a popular one.

💟💚💟💚💟💚💟 * Thank you all for the overwhelming response to my New Creation- Sakura Matcha * A sincere apology to those that I've turn away because my matcha powder are really limited. I'm sorry 😅 * For those who have tried, I'm glad that all of you enjoyed the Sakura Matcha based on my concoction. (No Sugar) * Thank you all for the feedback too. * I'll be creating some other creations soon. * Please stay tune. * Thanks and good night everyone😊 * Special thanks to @cliffton_jt for the great service today. Thank you bro💪 * #matcha #sakuramatcha #latteart #burpple #podcult #hobikopi #anakkopi #latteartist #baristadaily #coffeeuniverse #manmakecoffee #thecoffeefusion #thecoffeestation #alternativebrewing #masfotokopi #mbakfotokopi #latteartgram #videomasak #coffeegical #madaboutbrew #freepouring #thetrendybarista

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I mean, when was the last time your latte looked THIS good?

Black sesame latte yums

It’s the season en-cup-sulated, and a sure fire way to get anyone to smile before taking a sip. Specialising in matcha and taro lattes (yums), we’re suddenly budding for a hot cuppa bloom.

Who’s thirsty?