Florida Supermarket Sells Hurricane Irma Cakes, Sorta Weird Yet Sorta Sweet?

Is it supportive? Or out of touch?

#HurricaneIrma: 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪 🌪

As Florida prepares itself for one of the worst storms in history, a bakery aims to be a light of hope in the darkness.

Or, well, a slice of cake.

The bakery department at grocery store chain Publix is selling Hurricane Irma cakes, aiming to add some light-hearted sweetness to what is actually a gravely serious situation.

Ranging from blue frosting shaped like ocean waves and swirly meteorological hurricane designs, over to icing that states “Go away Irma,” the cakes are being spotted on the store’s shelves by various Twitter users. One particular cake even features the eye of the hurricane with a beach chair and a surfboard being thrown around. Bonus points for creativity?

Yet whilst the cakes certainly do not lack in charm, not everyone is blown away by the selection. Some people are dubbing the dessert distasteful, and insensitive towards the gravity of this deadly situation.

However, the majority of responses thus far have been overwhelmingly positive. With many users taking to create memes and make jokes about the colourful cakes, one Tweeter even described the whole happening as “the most Florida thing ever.” And according to some posts, the cakes are even selling out already.

Cake or no cake – All we hope is that all those in Florida and in the affected areas stay safe and stay positive throughout this dangerous time. And if they get to do so with some dessert, let them have it. <3

What do you think of these Hurricane Irma cakes?

h/t: Thrillist