Forget Flower Crowns, Flour Crowns Are A Must-Have For All Foodie Fashionistas

They’re literally crowns made of food

#Beautiful: 👑 🌸🥐 👑 🌸🥐 👑 🌸🥐 9/10

Flowers are cute and all, but nothing beats food.

An artist by the name of Lauren Hom is creating these absolutely adorable flour crowns, a delicious play on the traditional flower crowns, and a beautiful way to celebrate our bae that is food.

The ‘toastess with the mostest’ has created a punderful alternative to the usual flower crowns very commonly associated with girls at music festivals. The updated foodie version strays away from a #basic image and somehow has something very regal about it. Think, Queen of the Street Food and Ruler of Good Taste at Coachella.

Featuring an array of starchy goods, there’s everything from cutesy cupcakes and croissants over to avocado toast, fried chicken, and dumplings.

Truly, if you can (and love to) eat it, Hom can make a crown out of it.

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Take a scroll through some of our faves below – they’re probably the most suitable accessory EVER to wear to brunch, or to keep as a portable wearable snack. 

All images cr: Lauren Hom

Find out more about flour crowns and the girl putting bread on her head over on Lauren Hom’s website.

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