These Fluffy Cat Drawings Will Make You Wanna Snuggle Up With A Kitty RN


#SoCute: 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 8/10

If you feel like feeling warm and fuzzy (and all kinds of feline-y), read right on.

Malaysian artist and illustrator Kamwei Fong is making us feel all the warmth and fuzz and feline feels with his absolutely adorable fluffy cat drawings.

Known as ‘The Furry Thing’ (sounds apt tbh), Fong’s furry kitty features in many cutesy scenarios, most commonly featuring its big, voluminous tail.

Playful and charming, the fluffy cat drawings are a precious reminisce for anyone who has ever had a cat at home. Afraid of its own tail or napping in all kinds of wild positions, the fabulous feline proves that it can warm our hearts no matter what it is up to.

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Yet it is also warming our hands.

Perhaps what stands out most about Fong’s work is the volumes of fur that speak for it. Using only black ink and paper, the artist draws hundreds and hundreds of tiny strokes to create a tactile yearning in the viewer. It turns out, Fong’s ‘furry thing’, indeed looks very, well, furry.

Pair this with innocently expressive eyes that seemingly ponder into our souls, and it is understandable why this artist’s work is so often described as dreamy and poetic. From the beautiful form to the calming quality in composition, we definitely see what the hype is about. And we’re definitely super into it.

All images cr: Kamwei Fong

So sweet.

Erm… what’s the human equivalent of purring happily after looking at cute art?

Follow Fong over on Instagram, and purchase your fave images over on his Etsy Store.

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