Traveller Ranks Airplane Food And Reveals The Best Things To Eat Onboard

This one time, he flew all the way to Tokyo just to eat their inflight KFC meal. 

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Most people cringe when they think about it, but one enthusiastic flier is looking to turn that around.

Nik Loukas loves to eat airplane food. So much so, that he has actually turned pre-packaged inflight meals into his business, by ranking and revealing the world’s best and worst, as well as some tips on how to get to the yummy stuff when you fly.

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On his website ‘InFlight Feed’ Loukas reviews airline meals, posts menu details, and ranks them with a score out of 10. 

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Turning the stereotype of cringe-worthy airplane food around, ‘Inflight Feed’ has acquired over 17,000 followers on Instagram, inspiring people with the food he eats up in the air. From bowls of pho and scampi skewers, over to kimchi and Indian spinach cakes, his reviews offer an honest look into airline dining, and provide useful tips and tricks. 

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Loukas doesn’t always fly Business of First class, yet some of the food he eats in Economy truly looks like it. The trick is to order and upgrade for your meal, he reveals. 

The best airline food according to the flying aficionado is provided by Turkish and Aegean airlines, as well as Air France. The best meal he ever had however, was the chicken schnitzel on flyNiki. 

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Further memorable trays include a Hello Kitty meal on Eva Air, and a flight Loukas especially took just to try out the KFC meal on board. (KFC on a plane > KFC on land). 

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Food, am I right? It gets our head in the clouds.

Cr: Inflight Feed/Facebook

Follow Loukas on Instagram, and see what awaits the next time you fly. 

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