Food Characters: What If Fruit And Vegetables Were Humans?

These are so rad!!

#FoodArt: 🍏 🍏 🍏 🍏 🍏 🍏 🍏🍏🍏 9/10

Have you ever looked at your slice of watermelon and thought, “damn, I wonder what you’d look like as a human?”

Wonder. No. More.

London-based artist Marija Tiurina is imagining and illustrating food characters – little personas inspired by all kinds of wonderful fruit and veg. And not just any wonderful fruit and veg. We’re talking dragonfruit, physalis, purple cabbage, rambutan – the works. If it’s an intriguing fruit or vegetable, Tiurina has put her spin on it. And that too, in a very stylish way.

Inspired by her nearby greengrocer, the artist uses watercolour to create her food characters, complete with an outfit to suit the fruit. Her drawings are lively and colourful, often bringing to life and adding personality to our favourite greens (and reds and yellows and purples).

Some super sweet, some super suave, all very cute, it’s a charming and imaginative way of looking at food. From the true-to-life expressive faces to the creative way of incorporating elements of the food, we’re definitely impressed by these. Certain to give you some serious style inspo (and maybe some healthy eating ideas?), take a scroll through Tiurina’s work below. We have a feeling you’ll like these berry, berry much.

All images cr: Marija Tiurina

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h/t: BoredPanda