These Funny Before & After Comics Will Make You Chuckle Like A Cheeky Mofo

*When you enter Grandma’s looking like a regular fish and leave looking like a puffer fish*

LOL: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 9/10

You know that light feeling before eating Mexican food and that heavy feeling after eating lot’s and lot’s of Mexican food? Or that awful feeling when you wake up and haven’t had coffee yet and that energetic feeling after your coffee has finally set in? OR that feeling when you’re bare-faced with no make up and that feeling after your whole glam is done?

Yeah, Nacho Diaz Arjona does too.

The Barcelona-based artist is giving it to us straight with some absolutely hilarious before & after comics featuring everyday items turned cutesy cartoon characters.

Adding a human touch to common objects and pop culture icons, Nacho (who goes by ‘Naolito’ on the interwebs) is drawing out the stark differences before and after everyday situations. There’s everything from looking like a plain doughnut before make up to looking like a pink doughnut with sprinkles after make up, over to entering your grandma’s house looking like a regular fish to leaving your grandma’s house looking like a puffer fish.

Whatever you may relate to most, Naolito has penned it down.

Being an illustrator for almost all of his life, the artist began his drawing career by taking part in design contests and drawing for magazines and blogs. Now, Naolito has his own online store where he sells his work as prints and accessories. In essence, Naolito’s success story is as sweet a ‘before & after’ as his drawings.

Take a scroll through some of Naolito’s comics below for a hearty chuckle today, and comment below which is your fave of the lot.

All images cr: Naolito

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