These Funny Comics Depict What It’s Like To Fail Miserably At Adulting

These are so accurate.

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When half your friends are getting engaged and the other half are too drunk to function, it can be a confusing time. 

After all, being all grown up and doing all those adult things and hardcore adulting isn’t always as easy as it looks.

Dutch illustrator Marloes De Vries has charmingly hit the nail right on the head like a thumb print to an iPhone with her accurate comics of what it means to be an adult in the 21st century. 

If your answer to ‘what are you future plans?’ is ‘I’m having tacos for dinner’, and having a good night’s sleep means only one hour of Instagram before bed, you’re going to relate so hard to these. 

All images cr: MarloesDeVries

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h/t: BoredPanda