These Hilarious First Date Disasters Will Make You Laugh, Then Cringe

More reasons to stay home with your cat tonight

We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s awkward silences or weird food fiascos, everyone has probably experienced one or two first date disasters. From the awkward to the uncomfortable to the downright disgusting, take a scroll through some of the horrible (and hilarious) first date disaster experiences people have had on their first dates.

It’ll make you feel so good about staying home and being single tonight.

1. The ‘I’ll do anything to get outta here’ date

CR: MummeWummie via BoredPanda

2. The accidental social media share date

CR: kingedhill via BoredPanda

3. The date with the reality check

CR: Knitlucy via BoredPanda

4. The date with legal issues

CR: MrsMZ2u via BoredPanda

5. The ‘if you shut your mouth you’d be a ten’ date

CR: MariangelicaA via BoredPanda

6. The unfair bill date

CR: kittykaresless via BoredPanda

7. The date that was actually a third date

CR: jessieb365 via BoredPanda

8. The date with a falling tooth warning

CR: BronwynRoberts via BoredPanda

9. The date featuring a blast from the past

CR: Vegan_chick_MI via BoredPanda

10. The date where social media stalking skills came to shine

CR: micromush via BoredPanda

11. The date that ended in the middle of the date

CR: ringbyspringlu via BoredPanda

12. The date that came for the food

CR: mc_arthur123 via BoredPanda

13. The date that came with a gift

CR: KristensenEmily via BoredPanda

14. And the date with this awkward AF realisation.

CR: writtenbyken via BoredPanda

Errrrr… I think I’ll stay home.

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