These Funny Job Interview Comics At Famous Companies Will Make You Chuckle

For the IKEA interview, build together the chair to sit on.

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Anyone who has ever applied for a job will know that the job interview can be a stressful process.

Or a downright ridiculous one.

From illegible handwriting tasks on cups at Starbucks to speaking solely in hashtags at Instagram, which of these are made up? And which of these could very possibly be true?

  1. Ikea

  1. Apple

  1. Starbucks

  1. L’Oreal

  1. McDonalds

  1. Instagram

  1. Any Job

  1. Postal Office

  1. Samsung

  1. Volvo

  1. Google

  1. Old Spice

  1. Any Job

All images cr: leonid khan

Which is your fave?