These Cheeky Animal Comics Reveal The Hilarious Things Talking Animals Would Say

It ain’t all ‘woof’ and all that.

Ever wondered what your dog would say if he could talk?

Artist Jimmy wondered exactly that, and brilliantly created some hilarious and some sneaky animal comics imagining what the world would be like if our furry friends could talk. From the pigeons that poop not to break the family tradition, to the bees that wonder what sort of flower a ‘Coca-Cola’ is, enjoy.

This awkward question

The different kinds of dogs…

Maybe that one over there?

Don’t mind me! Just hangin’ out!

Oh, you didn’t have to…

“How do I tell him…”

Strong family ties

A fine line for a feline

The only feasible way to find out

Hello sailors

All images cr: via Brightside

Never look at your pet the same way again…

h/t: Brightside