This Furry Sloth Pillow Is The Cutest Snuggle Buddy For Netflix On Your Couch

Girlfriend/Boyfriend/nobody, step aside.

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 9/10

Are you cuddling up with someone this autumn? Because get ready to throw them right out the window.

A furry sloth pillow exists, and it’s as perfect a pillow as we’ve ever seen one.

Hipster cool cat central and all-round trendy hot spot store Urban Outfitters is selling this freakin’ adorable soft sloth pillow, and we want it in our homes now.

sloth pillow

Cr: Urban Outfitters

Featuring a playful little face, some light fuzzy fur, and one super sleepy super sweet pose, the sloth pillow is the perfect cuddle buddy for cold nights this autumn. Made with faux fur, we can already imagine the little buddy curling up next to us while we start the second season of Stranger Things and Riverdale. 😉 

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look at it all curled uppppp

Cr: Urban Outfitters

An adorable testament to the cutest and the sleepiest creature of them all, get yours at Urban Outfitters online or in store for $49.00 per sloth. And get nappin’.


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