Warning: These Fuzzy Rug Cakes Will Make You Wanna Put Your Face In Them

So fluffin’ cute

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It isn’t difficult for a cake to make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Between delicate decor and creamy icing, soft sponge and sweet sprinkles, cake tends to have a feel-good factor while you’re consuming it.

Banking on a whole new level of warmth and fuzz, these fuzzy rug cakes by LA-based designer Alana Jones-Mann are going wild on the interwebs, due to their maxed out adorability and cuddle-ablity. That’s not a word, but it applies. See for yourself:


Proving that cakes don’t just have to taste good but also look good, the fuzzy rug cakes have been dubbed so due to their appearance not quite different to those fluffy carpets that adorn swanky designer living rooms or 70s bathrooms. Made using colourful frosting, the little tips look almost as if they are moving – swaying with swag and flavour, you might say.

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Officially known as ‘shag cakes’, the sweet numbers often come with creative fillings from pistachio buttercream to classic vanilla, and are a showstopper at any even or party. Almost too good to eat (almost), the internet is falling absolutely IN LOVE with these cakes. And it’s not hard to see why.

Also, they have something about them that makes you just want to run your fingers along it and also rub your face all over it.

Know what I mean?

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Trippy and hippy, take a scroll through some of Alana’s fluffy and downright fabulous cakes below. You’re going to find them all kinds of groovy. And you might start to get all kinds of drool-y. (Oops).

All images cr: Alana Jones-Mann

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