This Game Of Thrones Pub Is The Best Place To Hang While We Await Season 7


If you’re anxiously awaiting the premiere of season seven, consider coming over to this place, and downing a drink or seven.

A pop-up Game of Thrones pub has opened in Washington D.C., and it is just as majestic as it sounds.

Cr: Farrah Skeiky/Dimsum Media

Brought to us by the same guys behind the Super Mario pop-up bar, the Game of Thrones drinkery is every fan fantasy come true. Drink Company CEO Angie Fetherston states, “This pub is our love letter to the Seven Kingdoms and we cannot wait to share it with fellow fans.”

Cr: Farrah Skeiky/Dimsum Media

The bar itself is made up of five different rooms, all decorated to look like familiar scenes from the hit HBO show. In the Meeren room for example, there’s a smoke-puffing dragon. And in the House of Black and White, there’s a Hall of Faces featuring eerie killer white plaster mould faces. There’s also a Red Keep room, which features drapes of different house banners and some super cool armory, and the namesake throne room (very #Instaworthy).

It’s kinda like your very own Seven Kingdoms in D.C.

Cr: Farrah Skeiky/Dimsum Media

From the drapes to the drinks, it’s a dreamland for any die-hard GoT lover. I mean, where else can you say you’re sipping a neat “Dothaquiri” (Cotton & Reed dry white rum, Jamaican rum, Banane Du Bresil, Creme De Cacao, cane sugar, and lime) next to a Weirdwood tree? Where else could you get together with the gals and have “Milk Of The Poppy” (Armagnac, dark rum, Don Ciccio & Ciccio Concerto, coconut, pineapple, lime, and clarified milk) whilst discussing Jon Snow’s latest scenes? And where else could you go from room to room sampling “What is Dead May Never Die”s and “The Lannisters Send Their Regards”s and “Bend The Knee”s to the iconic soundtrack of the show?


Cr: Farrah Skeiky/Dimsum Media

Open every day until August 27th, find out more the Game of Thrones pub website, and put on your best Khaleesi gear to head right on over there.

Cr: Helen Sloan/HBO

(I mean, best pre-drinks before watching the season premiere or what?!)

h/t: Delish