Everyone Pack Your Bags: A Game Of Thrones Hotel Has Opened In Finland


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If you’ve always dreamed of spending the night in Winterfell, pack your bags amigo, and come right this way.

Lapland Hotels’ SnowVillage has opened a Game of Thrones hotel made entirely out of ice and snow, and you can bet your dragon skin that it is everything you’ve ever imagined and more.

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Collaborating with HBO Nordic, the Game of Thrones hotel is made up of 14 regular rooms and 10 suites. Whilst the hotel took only about a month to build, professional ice sculptors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia were especially commissioned to design the incredible rooms – many of which feature GoT-themed ice sculptures eerily emerging from the walls.

Located in Kittilä in Finnish Lapland, guests staying at the hotel will get to walk amongst the Braavosi Hall of Faces, hang out with the White Walkers, and, of course, admire famous iron throne (made entirely out of ice). Illuminated in chilling blue colours, it’s a Game of Throne experience unlike any other.

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Beyond the spectacular rooms, guests will also have the chance to dine at the ice restaurant, and throw back shots (out of ice shot glasses, ofc), and lounge at the bar dreaming of Kit Harrison. However – while we’re on the topic of hot things – the GoT ice hotel warns that the temperature inside the humble abode is only -5 degrees celsius (yup, that’s a five with a minus in front of it), and a maximum stay of only one night is recommended. During your stay, a super warm thermal sleeping bag and a cuppa hot berry juice will be provided, and you can always stay in the non-ice non-snow fully-heated cabins nearby for the following nights. Mother of Dragons won’t judge you.

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Open until April 8th, find out more over on the Lapland Hotel SnowVillage website. Rooms start at €165, and the Instagrams, they’ll last you forever.

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