Gelato Sushi Is The Latest Super Cool Super Kawaii Food Trend To Hit NYC

Not gonna lie, it looks super duper cute

Get In My Belly: 🍦🍣 🍦🍣 🍦🍣 🍦7/10

Combining two foodie favourites, a swanky new dessert has hit the foodie scene in NYC and you’re gonna want a spoonful (some chopsticks full?) of this.

Gelato sushi is a thing now, and it’s just as swanky sweet and sophisticated as it sounds.

Prepared by cafe Gelarto (get it? like art + gelato!), the ice cream and sushi hybrid is mashing up Italian and Japanese favourites to make one uber dessert to rule them all.

Turning our heads away from the random snowstorms this spring, gelato sushi is here to whisk us off our feet into dreams of summer in Florence and Kyoto. Made using different soft and sweet gelato flavours (not sushi flavours, phew), the ice cream is moulded to perfection until it resembles a typical nigiri or maki sushi shape. Sure to make you do a double take as you stroll past, the little sweet treats look convincingly similar to the Japanese staple, if only it weren’t surrounded by other cakes and desserts in the store window.

Perfect for all those who always wanted to try sushi but couldn’t quite stomach the raw fish, Gelarto is offering up 46 different flavours of gelato sushi, with several different mouthwatering combinations. Furthermore, the adorable bites are served alongside a pair of chopsticks (ofc), so the dining experience in itself is both a fusion of cool points, adventure, and perfect Instagram material.

After all, bet you never thought you’d eat ice cream with a pair of wooden sticks before.

Bet you also never thought you’d be eating sushi as gelato before.

Welcome to the future.

All images cr: Gelarto/Instagram

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