These Perfectly Geometric Cakes Are A Dream For Architecture And Dessert Lovers

It’s basically food architecture and it’s so satisfying to look at

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These images are making my OCD go crazy.

In a freakin’ fantastic way.

Architect/baker/artist Dinara Kasko is making our eyes swoon and our tongues want to lick the screen with her incredible geometric cakes.

The former architect from Ukraine uses her extensive knowledge in mathematics and geometry to create an array of mouthwatering cakes that look like something out of a dreamy Tetris animation. Each line, shape, and curve holds a purpose, and Kasko manages to create desserts that appear perfectly uniform, slightly futuristic, and charmingly playful.

Like something out of a 90s video game, except better, because cake.

On her Instagram (which has over 543k followers jussayin’), Kasko writes, “I want to make something interesting and fresh, experimenting with new creative ideas.”

And creative she is indeed. Kasko’s geometric cakes look nothing short of architectural marvels, so much so that the baker regularly holds workshops to teach others her craft. Experimenting with new techniques, these have often even involved special algorithms and 3D printing.

It’s a far cry from making brownies out of a pre-mix that comes from a box, and a close call to modern city architecture. From glossy surfaces to perfect spheres, take a scroll through Kasko’s geometric cakes below, and try not to drool.

All images cr: Dinara Kasko

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