An Artist Imagines Giant Animals Roaming Our Planet And It Is Dreamily Daunting

It’s like something straight out of our childhood dreams

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If you love animals, you’ll love this.

A digital artist by the name of Eben is pulling us straight into the world of our childhood dreams and wildest imaginations with his surreal photographs featuring giant animals and tiny humans.

Inspired by the “might and awe of the animal kingdom”, the Australian artist draws attention to the beauty and power of various animals, as they wander the jungles and swim the oceans whilst eyeing their itsy bitsy human counterparts.

However, whilst Eben’s giant animals are definitely charming to look at, the images also hold a deeper message. Through the enlargement of certain species, the artist is using his craft to magnify the issue of species demise, and the impact of human activity on animal habitats. As Eben states on his website, “It’s way bigger than all of us tiny humans and we all have our part to play. I hope to… inspire people to see the natural world and all it’s magnificent creatures with a sense of connection, wonder and intrigue.”

On that note, take a scroll and a fantastical stroll through some of Eben’s work below. It’ll awaken wonder and wildlife within you.

All images cr: Ebenism

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