These Giant Wool Blankets Are The Best Way To Stay Cosy This Autumn

These look sooooo warm

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This article was originally posted on 16th November 2016. 

Are you feeling a little chilly? Come on over for a sec…

Don’t you hate it when you’re sewing and the thread won’t go through that tiny hole in the needle? LOL no problem here.

If you’ve been searching the house for the biggest and heaviest blanket to snuggle up under and hide from the rain, Jacqui Fink has got the solution for you. The Australian knitting aficionado creates stunning one-of-a-kind creations using giant ~extreme knitting~ needles, and they are a dream for Autumn napping.

Seriously, these will give you ALL the #CuddleGoals.

If you don’t see yourself rolling around in this, you are lying to yourself.

Using Merino and specialized KSI yarn, Fink’s standard throws take up an impressive 5 kilos of yarn, and her beautiful art installations take up even more.

Art that is cool AND cosy = #DoubleWin

I feel like if I fell back on this it would catch me and I would fall a little bit in love with it

The artist and entrepreneur states, “Knitting is an exercise in mindfulness. Extreme knitting is mindfulness on steroids”.

Extreme knitting perfect for extreme sleeping.

This baby knows what we’re talking about.

Check out Little Dandelion to see more of Fink’s giant wool blankets and designs, or see where you can learn to make some yourself.

This dog is us right now.

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